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Beoordeeld in Nederland op 29 november 2021
I love absolutely everything about this new Paperwhite. I bought my Paperwhite 2 in december 2014 and have used it almost every day since. After 7 years of intensive use, I noticed the battery life and response time wasn't what it used to be so I when I saw that Amazon was finally upgrading the model (with warm lighting!), I couldn't wait. And boy, did they deliver. The bigger screen is amazing, it makes the reading experience even more like reading a real book. For me, the glass overlay is no issue at all - I don't find it in any way bothering.

I bought the Paperwhite SE, because for me the automatic brightness control is an absolute selling point. It works perfectly; I barely notice it changing and it makes it less straining on my eyes (in the past I made a habit of reading with full brightness in the dark without noticing). The wireless charging works fine, although for me it's not a must. Also the 32GB is great, but after 7 years with my 4GB Paperwhite 2 I didn't even manage to take up half of the space so I guess the 32GB is more of a must when using in combination with Audible (which is as of yet not available in The Netherlands).

As for the issues people seem to be having with the smaller bezels: for me personally it's not an option. I have pretty small fingers so I haven't been turning pages accidentally yet. But I can imagine this might be an issue if one has larger hands.

The biggest surprise for me was how well the Dark Mode works. It was a function I didn't know I needed, but am since unable to live without. Reading in bed at night or in the early morning (together with the warm lighting) is so much more comfortable, I never expected to love this so much.

This is by far the best buy I've made this year, and a worthy successor to my much loved PW2.
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