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CADENCE Unisex opvouwbare...
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CADENCE Unisex opvouwbare fiets

4,2 van 5 sterren 852 beoordelingen

Prijs: €214,93
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Stijlnaam: SMARTFIT 150
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Merk Cadence
Kleur Wit en zilver
Afmetingen van item (L x B x H) 116 x 40 x 21 centimeter
Gewicht van item 15 Kilogram
Materiaal Andere
Aantal weerstandsniveaus 10

Over dit item

  • Groot LCD-consolescherm waarmee u gemakkelijk uw afstand, calorieën, tijd en hartslag kunt lezen en volgen (EKG-hartslag)
  • Wordt geleverd met een comfortabele, brede, gewatteerde zitting die verstelbaar is
  • Een compact, opvouwbaar en ruimtebesparend ontwerp met transportwielen voor eenvoudig verplaatsen en opbergen
  • Met stille magnetische weerstand is je training gladder en stiler. Elektrisch aangedreven weerstand van 1-10 niveaus
  • Wordt geleverd met een inbegrepen iFIT lidmaatschap van 1 jaar. iFIT geeft je elke dag toegang tot on-demand spinning lessen en persoonlijke coaching. De coaches kunnen leven controle van uw weerstand om te helpen uw workouts te maximaliseren

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  • CADENCE Unisex opvouwbare fiets
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  • Fischer zadeldeken met gel-inleg voor hoog zitcomfort, zwart
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  • Zacro Zadelhoes, gelbekleding voor de fietsstoel, indoor cycle, zadelhoezen met waterdichte zadelbescherming, gestoffeerde za
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Technische gegevens

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Met zijn ruimtebesparende, ergonomische, opvouwbare ontwerp is de E-SMARTFIT 150 de fiets die ideaal is voor elk huis. Hij heeft een uiterst comfortabele, verstelbare zitting en biedt dankzij het stille (SMR) digitale weerstandssysteem tot 10 niveaus van intensiteit. Bekijk al je trainingsinformatie eenvoudig met het grote lcd-scherm, inclusief hartslag, direct door de EKG-handgrepen van de fiets. Het is ook compatibel met de iFit-app (optioneel abonnement), waarmee je interactieve trainingsprogramma's kunt gebruiken via Google Maps, geavanceerde statbewaking, dagelijkse gepersonaliseerde aanbevelingen, trainingsbronnen en honderden programma's die speciaal voor jou zijn gemaakt.

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4,2 van 5 sterren
4,2 van 5
852 wereldwijde beoordelingen

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Shaun Carter
4,0 van 5 sterren A good strong folding exercise bike, but with a few problems.
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 23 mei 2020
Stijlnaam: SMARTFIT 200Geverifieerde aankoop
4,0 van 5 sterren A good strong folding exercise bike, but with a few problems.
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 23 mei 2020
I needed an exercise bike to help lose weight whilst staying at home during the coronavirus lockdown, and I don’t have much space so I decided on this Cadence bike. After using it for a while, I have found it very good apart from a few issues. I was a little confused at first as the brand said Cadence SmartFit 200, but the box and bike itself says Umi SmartFit 200. Are these the same company?

It took around 2 hours to fix up on my own taking it steady and not rushing. The instructions were very clear, and all the nuts and bolts were clearly labelled in card and plastic packaging. It makes a change for items made in China to be written in clear English. There was a tool to fasten some of the screws and nuts, but I had to get my own spanners and a better screwdriver to use.

The frame is made from strong heavy metal which will support a lot of weight and feels like it can take a lot of punishment. Despite having little wheels on the front support bar, lifting it is easier although it takes some strength to lift it. Much of the weight comes from the actual bike mechanism at the front rather than from the frame. The handlebars are covered in dense black foam to give a comfy grip, as are the handles either side of the seat. The backrest has a cushioned support. The seat is extra large which is good, but is made from very firm rubber which hurts your backside after 15 minutes or so. I kept having to stop and stand up due to the discomfort, and I ended up buying a separate cushioned saddle cover to help. This is one major issue, that the saddle is far too firm and uncomfortable.

The seat height can be changed, and I found the height settings perfect (I am 5 ft 10 in). The pedals attached with no problems, and have plastic straps on top to stop your feet slipping out. The display is very clear and easy to read, and it can be set to change the different readings, or fixed onto one reading. The readings are time, calories, distance, RPM, speed. The distance is in miles and cannot be changed to KM which is a shame, but that is a minor issue based on my personal preference. The readings can be all reset to zero by holding the button for a few seconds.

As part of the display unit, there is a small plastic shelf where a mobile phone, MP3 player, or small tablet can be stood. This is a brilliant idea as I can have my MP3 player on there and play music whilst using the bike.

The resistance dial is easily accessible at the front, and goes from 1 to 8. Turning it makes a loud click. Setting 1 is no resistance at all, and gradually increases resistance as you turn it. Some people have said there is not enough resistance, but I found it fine so it depends how fit you are!

Getting on and off the bike is a little tricky especially for people who are older or with mobility problems. You have to lift your leg up quite high and step over the central frame. If there is no backrest and seat handles, then you could lift your leg up from the back over onto the seat.

It is a folding bike which takes up less room than a standard bike, however, some of the features took up extra room un-necessarily. The backrest and handles either side of the seat do stick out quite a lot, and I found that I did not actually use them. You have to lean back quite a bit to use the backrest and seat handles, and I preferred and found it more comfortable to sit forward and use the front handlebars. This is just my personal preference. So to reduce the size of the bike, I removed the backrest and seat handles. It is possible to just have the seat, or the seat and the backrest, or the seat and backrest and handles on the seat, whichever you prefer. There was also a small bracket on the back of the backrest to hold a drinks bottle, but I did not have this on as it is difficult trying to twist around to reach any bottle from at the back.

One of the frustrating issues is the design of the rear floor support bar. The front floor support bar is straight which is fine. However, the rear floor support bar has both ends curving outwards and away from the bike towards the back. This rear bar takes up a huge amount of space either when using the bike, or when folding the bike for storage. I have no idea why they have designed the rear support bar this way, as it serves no purpose. Other folding bikes have a short straight support bar at the front and back to allow the bike to folded up smaller, but not this bike. I had to change the bike slightly to overcome this issue. I had to turn the rear floor support bar around so it was facing inwards, and use the longer bolts from the backrest to attach the rear support bar to the frame. The bike is still very stable and strong, but it should not be up to the customer to change the bike to make it more usable and take up less room.

When folding this bike, you have to be careful it does not fall open when lifting it or having it in storage. There is no locking mechanism to keep the bike folded unlike other folding bikes available. This is a feature I would have liked to see on this bike. When folded and leaning against a wall, you have to make sure it does not fall open and unfold.

The final issue is the noise from the bike mechanism when pedalling. When starting to pedal, the bike is absolutely silent, but after a while it starts having a clunking noise coming from the mechanism at the front. This clunk noise happens with one full turn of the pedals, and seems to get louder or quieter depending on your speed. Pedalling faster seems to reduce this sound, but going slower makes it louder. It is very annoying having this irritating sound especially when using the bike at night. Whether this sound is normal or not, it does not affect how the bike works and I have chosen to put up with the noise.
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Ashley Harrington-Brown
4,0 van 5 sterren Simple and easy to use.
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 23 mei 2020
Geverifieerde aankoop
Lector convidado
4,0 van 5 sterren Básica pero suficiente.
Beoordeeld in Spanje op 30 maart 2020
Stijlnaam: SMARTFIT 200Geverifieerde aankoop
Miss C.
4,0 van 5 sterren Silent and easy to assemble
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 31 december 2020
Geverifieerde aankoop
4,0 van 5 sterren Silent and easy to assemble
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 31 december 2020
Easy to assemble using the instructions. The only thing you do need that is not supplied is an adjustable spanner. It took about half an hour after unpacking all the pieces. The machine is pretty much silent when using, the adjustable resistant is great and the display is a plus too. The only draw back is the price really, there’s other machines that are cheaper but unfortunately due to covid most you can’t get hold of atm.
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Klantafbeelding Klantafbeelding
5,0 van 5 sterren Contentissima
Beoordeeld in Italië op 1 mei 2020
Geverifieerde aankoop
5,0 van 5 sterren Contentissima
Beoordeeld in Italië op 1 mei 2020
Mentre sto scrivendo la recensione sto pedalando qui su.
A me ha salvato la vita, perchè, da quando ci hanno costretti a restare in casa per il Covid-19, ho cominciato a pedalare e sono riuscita a tenermi allenata. È bella anche da vedere e ripiegata occupa pochissimo spazio (io la tengo comodamente sul gradino che va in cantina!)
Ottimo anche il prezzo.
In più, scansionando il codice qr con qualsiasi telefono, si trovano indicazioni in italiano (la mia le aveva solo in inglese ma si riesce a montare comunque velocemente perché ci sono le istruzioni corredate di disegni esplicativi)
Consiglio assolutamente.
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