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BOOX Note Air 10.3 inch E-Book Tablet Android 10.0 voorlicht CTM 32GB G-sensor OTG WiFi BT USB-C blauw

4,2 van 5 sterren 196 beoordelingen

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  • Lees en reageer alle bestanden op het A5-display. Je kunt meer dan 20 bestandsformaten van notities voorzien en schrijven en bladwijzers toevoegen.
  • Met de instelbare koplamp krijg je bij elk licht het meest comfortabele zicht op het 227dpi HD-scherm.
  • Note Air met Android 10 OS is nog compatibel en flexibeler. Je kunt elke app installeren en twee apps tegelijkertijd openen om je efficiëntie te verdubbelen.
  • De G-sensor laat het scherm automatisch in de juiste richting draaien en maakt Note Air voor alle gebruikers praktisch.
  • Google Play activeren: Tik instellingen -> typen toepassingen -> √ Google Play activeren -> Google Play-account aanmelden.

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Onyx Boox Note Air Dark Blue

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4,2 van 5 sterren
4,2 van 5
196 wereldwijde beoordelingen

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5,0 van 5 sterren Buy it.
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 11 februari 2021
Geverifieerde aankoop
5,0 van 5 sterren Buy it.
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 11 februari 2021
Please read entire review- updated July 2021 at end.

I concur with other reviews. Basically if you want a basic note taker and reader, go with Remarkable 2 but there is no frontlight on it and some sort of wiggly line issue, read other online reviews.

If you want the option of reading your Kindle books or Sky news, BBC, Guardian, Quota etc on Google Play apps and better sharing upload and a great note taker go with this.

Lots of reviews on YouTube.

The pen on this is absolutely fine. All the reviewers slated it. The first couple of hours it was squeaky and scratchy like pen on glass. It bedded in and is now excellent, my preferred setting is a thicker line in the normal pen icon setting. There's a choice of pen, pencil etc. It was set to fountain pen on arrival so I think that's why, it was exactly like a scratchy squeaky fountain pen held badly. So don't worry you WON'T have to immediately buy another pen asap. But if you want a spare, a Lamy or Norris would work..needs to be EMR or Wacom technology, not an iPad type pen. You don't need an eraser pen there is an eraser icon on the screen,l. Turning your pen upside down or pressing side in is a function on other pens, but not really necessary, just a nice to have if you replace pen in future.

Do buy the case. £35 is ridiculous but it fits so think of it as part of the capital outlay.

Don't even bother trying to put screen saver on, buy the case instead. Multiple expert reviewers said they couldn't get it on without bubbles. I tried out of the box, without even handling the tablet. Microscopic dust particles resulted in bubbles, needs to go on in the factory. Comes with two in the box, other reviews said one, but I received two.

The biggest reason to by this is LACK OF EYESTRAIN. I'm had boughts of eyewatering this year which is a result of 'dryeye' where eyes are dry and you are blinking enough. Your eyes water suddenly in a desperate attempt to compensate. Optometrist confirmed it. Need everyday eyedrops. So basically bought the Book so I could read/write and treat it like a newspaper.

If you're trying to justify the cost? A £2 a week Sunday paper for a year is £104. This tablet should last four years. £104 X 4= £416.

The battery lasts me a couple of days but I'm on it several hours a day.

Uses? Everything. I first used it to sketch out my hallway for a carpet on a note page. That file is now 12 pages, with everything from carpet costings, floor paint, vinyl, stick on tiles and every other thought note I had. I split the screen to have internet open on one half and notes on the other. When I went to a carpet website I downloaded PDFs of how to fit and measure carpets/vinyl. So as an example, those PDFs are now saved on the tablets in my library. So not only can I go into my notes file of 12 pages and flip through it to find the notes I want, I can go into my library and then write notes on the actual pdf itself and save that. You can also save photos and write on those or embed them into a note just an example of how you can use for domestic chores as well as work.

The browser is a bit slow and obviously black and white. So shopping etc and entertainment better on pc laptop phone or conventional tablet. Music is tinny, but again listened to from Amazon music app as is Android. Again would use phone for that.

This is really for reading and writing and to relieve eyestrain I would say.

In all the reviews generally this and the £499 version topped Remarkable 2 and Supernote. Supernote is good but hard to get as export fees high I think.

All my opinion, let me know if it helps.

Yes it's an extravagance you don't really need. If you have the money, don't get out much, don't really spend much on yourself and are struggling to justify the expense like I was, treat yourself, purely on the basis it will ease you eyestrain, you feel more organized and in control, it will ease anxiety and you're not permanently glued to a tiny phone screen. If you would have to borrow to afford it, I would say not, don't get it, get an old 4th generation kindle, paperwhite screen and use a notebook and cut down your screen time.

The product, finish and technology is however, exceptional.

To state the obvious, it's touch screen as well, but you can turn it off to not recognise touch. I have leaned on it when writing and it's fine, it doesn't leave handprints or overreact.

The final thing I would add is: my daughter is 16 and has a school issued iPad and my old hp laptop. The minute she picked this up she intuitively navigated it and loved it, I had to pry it out of her thieving mawks to get it back. This would make an amazing gift to a student for 6th form or University or any academic who is constantly reading or annotating or for yourself.

But, I absolutely concur with other reviewers, it really does improve the quality of life. Don't go into debt to buy it, but if you have the cash I would wholeheartedly recommend it.

Don't umm and AHH too much, the price went up a tenner when I did, possibly due to dollar exchange rates. I would get it now whilst Amazon stocks it.

Stay safe everyone.

Update: 21 Feb 2021 had it a couple of weeks now. Using it everyday. The sun was out today and, yup, you guessed it... FANTASTIC..can read it with no glare in sunlight in the house next to the window or in the garden!! Woohoo!! Just like my old 4th gen kindle. Can work on it, get my emails if need be and can actually see the screen! So if you work from home and want a break from laptop or PC and a cuppa or lunch, you can take outside and still get your emails etc, the same way as you would you phone or laptop BUT you can actually see the screen in black and white paperwhite rather than having to see through the fingerprints or get the screen at an angle or shade is light and portable to pop outside with. Yay!

The only thing I've noticed this week is sometimes it's a bit slow on screen rotation and I think some apps won't rotate. E.g. reading Quora, need to experiment with this.

Pen still brilliant and forgot to say, the weird sticky pen holder thing that came with the £35 case, I stuck on the front right on the outside. It has stayed stuck firmly. It's tricky to get the pen all the way in it, so I put in in upside down first to stretch it then in up the right way and it stays in. The magnet on the tablet on the right is absolutely useless so I always stow pen in the holder.

Will update regularly with any flaws or concerns. If no updates, means all is well. Do let me know if you find this helpful, I'll continue to update to help others then.

Another update..14 March. All is well. I haven't figured out or really tried to figure out how you write on a Kindle book when it's in the actual app itself. I've downloaded the books I read onto my Onyx. But I don't really need to take notes within Kindle books and Kindle itself let's you highlight and type in etc. I'm sure there is a way of downloading the physical Kindle file so you can get at it and write on it in the same way you can write on pdfs on the Onyx. I'm sure on one of the YouTube videos they might have this. I only mention that as if you specifically wanted to hand write on a Kindle file you'd need to check.

Quora, I think seems to default to portrait mode. But you can set the device to any of the four directions you want. E.g sometimes I want to scrawl a bit or do a mindmap and I will set to landscape. Or if I charge it whilst writing I set it so charging cable comes out of top.

Tip of the week..on the floating menu round button, which you can configure as to how you want to to fan out or vertical or horizontal and which buttons you want, there is an application settings button. I forgot to mention this..basically in each app eg say Skynews or Daily Fail, you can configure the height, width, contrast, refresh rate for example the Daily Fail DM you can setup with 3 columns across the screen, home showbiz etc. Sky you can block the columns the size you want, Guardian the basically you can customise each individual app so they look and read to a size and style which suits you. It took a while to get each one exactly how I wanted playing with font size etc, but lots of options..when they first download they looked a bit basic. App customisation I think the button is called.

Basically I'm using everyday like a newspaper, to do lists, planning lists, chores lists, design lists, you just start a note. No more bits of paper or A4 pads full of stuff. Worth every penny. Every evening I read the news on it as ditched the TV licence and only stream now. Lots of free Kindle books on HotUKDeals and Kindle unlimited offers and two month free trial..check for your offers. I looked at the two hundred pound kindles and read the reviews before I bought this and in my opinion this IS worth double. Just make sure you buy the case to keep it safe. The stretchy pen holder has given a bit now and pen goes in easier. Battery life is superb, I can't remember what they quote but I'm on it all the time and it will go two or three times longer than say a 3000Mah smartphone battery. I say this as have also just bought the Xaomi Redmi Note 9T 5G which has a 5000 battery and will go a full two days without charge. The Onyx goes the same or more than this. Nothing is going to last as long as the old original kindles or old Nokia's but the Onyx and the Xaomi give that feeling or confidence about getting through the day..there is no panicking they will conk out or will be scraping by on 18% battery at 6pm. Usb C ports. I already have and would recommend a heavy duty power pack of 26800 or 25000M to own anyway if you commute etc just in case, for any phone owner, that's just me but you won't need to worry with the Onyx like you do with a normal tablet/laptop, that 3-4 hour panic and you only ever seen to get about 2!! The Onyx will last and takeaway the anxiety. If you are out and about and your phone conks out you can use the Onyx on a free WiFi area to email someone. Just thinking ahead when back to work....
The other thing, it is very light. It will fit into a ladies cross body bag and is just like a shorter A4. You can use it as your diary and handwrite in you diary notes, a pre installed app. I'm not using Google calendar with it, would have to check that, you can install apps from the Google store though. I use my phone as my main calendar/diary and the Onyx to handwrite notes for anything on that date. It's discreet. So your phone diary might have the official entry in and in your Onyx diary you can put 'numbnuts 2pm' handwritten discreetly as less able to see if overlooked lol.

That's it for now. I will continue to update with ramblings. I think there may be a colour version of one of the Onyx products coming out in due course. Personally I wouldn't go there as it's getting a bit too normal tablet like and will be in its infancy but possibly in due course in several years. So do research if that's the case. But you can already get basic graphics tablets quite cheap which are colour.

If you are an artist, this has a multi layer option. I've used it with designs, you say, draw a plan, saved as one layer. Then you can select add a layer and play about with, say, furniture positions. And save that as a layer. Then add another layer of other design elements. And if you want to erase, you can select a layer to delete and start again, leaving the other two layers in tact, instead of using an eraser. If you are an artist or designer I suggest look on YT for videos explaining how it all's excellent..I only know the gist.

So in summary this time, I have had this about 6-8 weeks and love it, use it everyday, several times a day. I haven't been disappointed by anything..the only thing is the pen magnet is a bit weak do make sure (and I'll say it for the third time) buy the case and holder and make sure you store the pen in the holder, don't put it on the coffee table or sit on it. There might be other cheaper cases out there, check they are dispatched from the UK if not on prime otherwise you'll be waiting ages and check no taxes/fees. Low value from China is usually ok in my experience just takes a while.
I'm writing this on Mother's Day. This is a far better gift to yourself than any spa day (not that they are open) or weekend break. This will bring joy Every. Single. Day. Anything that does that at this time, frankly, it's a no brainer. Treat yourself! Laters peeps.

Final update: May 7th 2021
Well people, all is well. Still using it everyday. Had about 3 over the air updates since I had it, which is good news, the software is regularly updated. The latest one was for screen rotation, haven't checked yet but that may have been why I had that anomalie on Quora not changing direction. It's good they are on any issues and it's evolving software. I'm learning another language at the moment and it's brilliant for notes and practice..and guess can write for hours and just delete at the end. Sorry I'm a bit rubbish at covering all the aspects, you can share files easily on this, so don't worry. Suffice to say it's so well made it can probably do everything by a product like this can do if that makes sense. Pen still fine, not dropped it yet or the tablet, case still robust. Off to hospital for an outpatient appointment in a couple of days so the Kindle books I'm downloading to my tablet so they are there and won't need WiFi or data to read. Can slip into my handbag with drink and snack! You can actually record notes on this as well. I don't know if I'm going to be the plumb who asks to record the session or writes up my notes, not even I'm that embarrassing, having said that, if it's a serious diagnosis, all joking aside, actually yes..this would be perfect, saves all the scraps of paper. The consultant will probably want one.

The other obvious thing this is good for is journalling. Again you can write for hours and then just delete the file or keep it as a diary. If you delete no one reading your bin rubbish or recycling.

I do notice when I go on Facebook, not very often, inundated with Remarkable 2 adverts. I chose this as has the additional functionality of apps and email and Google play IF you want it. You don't have to use all that, you can just use like a Remarkable but this has a backlight. Double check but when I bought this the Remarkable definitely didn't and had software wiggly lines issue, so I don't regret my choice.

Incidentally, my free Kindle unlimited two months is up and when I went to cancel, as it then goes up to 7.99 a month, they offered me a one-off fee of £7.99 for three months i.e. equiv £2.66 a month for 3 months. Lots of offers about plus free books. There are also inbuilt apps with free classic books that come with the tablet preinstalled. So you'll never be without.

Keep adding helpful ticks if useful. I don't do many reviews but I do try to help and you votes really cheered me up.

So final summary, this will be last update:
This is an incredible piece of kit worth every single penny. I'm only using it to about 10% of its ability. It's lightweight, portable, backlight, great battery, Google play, notes, sounds, music, can use in sunlight, great pen. Myriad of uses. Fantastic on the eyes. I've had it about three months now and it's become part of my daily routine now. Go for it if you can afford it. It's a life changer.
Thanks for reading, hope I helped!

Update July 2021.

Hi again all. Has the Boox since about Feb 2021. Not using as much, feel guilty I should use it more to full potential! I do endless brain and mind maps on it though. It's very handy for writing info and rubbing it out and moving eg categories of stuff. Saved no end of A4. So... Important note: the pen suddenly started not working properly and leaving trails i.e. if I hold it about 1cm away from page it still writes. So I googled it and read on a load of forums... basically it means I need a new nib and/or I'm pushing it too hard. They are pressure sensitive and I am a bit heavy handed. So I bought a box of 5 on here for £18. Tiny little arrow heads that you just pull out and put a new one in. You need to get the right ones, Onyx brand for this model, not compatible with other models. Tbf the last one has gone about 6 months, so £3+ a nib isn't too bad I suppose. Anyway, swapped it over and is fine now. I thought it was a settings thing and went through every setting, it isn't, just get a new nib. Also, as I said at beginning of review, new nib wasn't scratchy at all. I use a thick line on normal pen sitting no 6 I think. You don't need a new pen, just a new nib about 2cm long and 1-2mm wide with and arrow head. Pull out with fingernails and slot gently back in, don't ram it in otherwise you'll have the same issue but make sure in properly so doesn't drop out.

Hopefully this is the end of review but thought it important to tell you the nib thing and save you two hours research.

Have a look at all the models in the Onyx range. I've had this 6 months now, still get OTA software updates occasionally which is good but might be a better model out now, so just check sizes and prices.
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Darren Smith
5,0 van 5 sterren Has improved my quality of life!
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 6 januari 2021
Geverifieerde aankoop
5,0 van 5 sterren Begeisterung pur
Beoordeeld in Duitsland op 5 december 2020
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4,0 van 5 sterren Muy contento. Es lo que buscaba.
Beoordeeld in Spanje op 22 april 2021
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Martin L
5,0 van 5 sterren So far so good
Beoordeeld in het Verenigd Koninkrijk op 10 januari 2021
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